Relentless Passion, Dedicated, and Creative

These are the words that have been used to describe who I am as a designer and developer. Not only am I dedicated to my craft by consistently learning the latest in technology, but I give back, through mentoring and volunteering. I feel it is very important to encourage and help develop the next generation of designers by not leaving anything on the table. Not throwing my hat in yet in this amazing technological era, I have great interest in implementing Gamification, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence into our daily lives and in corporate training.


My skills and interest span across the multimedia spectrum from video production and editing, to textile printing, to web and mobile design, all the way to theatre and film production and fabrication. I have a hard time not finding an interest in anything design-related!


If you like what you hear and see in my portfolio and want to learn more, call me at (571) 234-3523 or email at and let us get this conversation started.

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